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Google Meet
Employees can now host 500 participants.
Click the Google Meet button to learn more.

Google accounts & Google Groups for email lists
Updated based on HR data, no forms are submitted.

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    Is Google having issues? Check the status of Google Apps here
    Looking for CPS approved apps/websites/software/hardware? Check the District Approved Technology List
    Still need help? Contact the ITM Helpdesk 363-0390 or

    Need printer help Prosource 513-769-0808, 3D printer - Polar 3D 513-409-1411, HP Wide Format (poster) printer - HP 800-334-5144
    Need desk phone help? Contact 363-0780
    Need CPS cell phone help? Visit any AT&T store or click here for more information.
    Family Tech Support: 7am-5pm school days, or 513-363-0688